was born from a desire by the Muslim community to show their solidarity with Gillian Gibbons, a British school teacher who was unjustly imprisoned on November 28, 2007, when a student in her class named a teddy bear, Muhammad.  The Sudanese authorities, citing local laws against religious defamation arrested Ms. Gibbons, and charged her under Section 125 of the Sudanese Criminal Act, for “insulting religion, inciting hatred, and showing contempt for religious beliefs.”  It is opinion of millions of Muslims worldwide that Ms. Gibbons did not insult the religious sensibilities of Muslims by what transpired in her classroom.  Moreover, the response of the Sudanese officials is not just “insulting” to the Islamic faith, it shows the greatest “contempt” for the sacred memory of the Prophet Muhammad, upon whom may be peace.

Muslims worldwide love the Prophet Muhammad, and live their lives in concordance with his teachings and example.  He taught the early Muslim community, “If you see something wrong, change it with your hands. If you cannot change it with your hands, change it with your tongue. And if you cannot even do this, at least change it in your heart, and this shows the weakest of faith.” 

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The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also taught his followers, “to speak the truth, even though it be bitter.”

The prophetic teachings of moderation, good etiquette, and forbearance, leave no room for unjust punishments that are diametrically opposed to the ethos of the Islamic faith.

Muhammad, may peace be upon him, taught his followers to repay mistreatment with acts of kindness, and to wrong no one.  It is in this vein that we collectively share the pictures of toy’s that carry Muslim names and enjoy the loving attention of Muslim children. 

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“Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to God, even as against yourselves.”

  1. -Quran S.4, V.135